What is bodybuilding Does it bring health benefits

Also known in Spanish as “bodybuilding”, bodybuilding is a physical activity that is based on lifting weights and perform various anaerobic exercises. The goal is to burn fat and make muscles.
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If you want to know more about bodybuilding and if you bring health benefits, please read this article.

What is Bodybuiling?

This activity is carried out mostly at the gym, where all devices have different weights. The end of bodybuilding is having a “marked” strong and well-defined body and maintain a symmetry between the torso and legs.

Another name to call in Spanish is simply bodybuilding , where muscle hypertrophy and do not need to make different poses to show changes.

While they may look similar, this discipline differs greatly from weightlifting (weightlifting), power lifting or cross fit.

In some countries it is recognized as a competitive sport and has associations or councils that bring together athletes and also teachers and gymnasiums.

The origins of this discipline date back to the time of the Greeks. It is worth remembering that the men were preparing to compete in the Olympic Games and the winner, it was believed, it was the closest thing to the gods of Olympus.

The word “bodybuilding” as we know it today comes from the French. This country is where discipline comes aesthetic purposes.

Eugen Sandow was a Prussian athlete, and was the first to exhibit which showed his muscles. It is therefore known as the “father of modern bodybuilding”.

Also marketed mechanical equipment or exercise equipment, for example, pulleys and weights. It was responsible for organizing the first competition in 1901.

3 premises for bodybuilder

If you’re thinking about being a bodybuilder at some point in your life, or call your attention the idea, then, you must know that those who practice bodybuilding have to follow three main rules:

Weightlifting against resistance

Thus transformations occur in muscle fibers (micro-traumas, as the medical term).
They divided into sets and repetitions routines are used, as well as temporary schedules, alternating cycles of more or less weight.
In addition, areas are worked separately: arms, back, torso or legs, according to each routine.

High quality diet

It is composed mostly of natural proteins and, in several cases, artificial, which help growth and higher repair.

In addition to these supplements ingested daily, bodybuilders eat more protein than any “normal” person to repair the damage to muscles during training routine.

Carbohydrates are also part of the diet of a bodybuilder, because they provide the energy needed to perform the exercises.

proper rest

Without enough sleep an athlete may not see results in your body. Sleep helps rebuild and repair damaged fibers during exercise. It must sleep 8 hours every day and train 5 times a week.

This way you will be able to train better each time you visit the gym.

Bodybuilding: is an “artificial” sport?

Have conducted research to learn about the health problems that can cause bodybuilding but above all, indiscriminate use of chemicals and drugs to improve the appearance of muscles, mostly in competing in various competitions. And you can read about health care at Thebluehealth.com

It is for this reason that this activity is quite challenged by physicians and other athletes. Some people do not consider it a sport for more than that practiced in the gym.

In order to get muscles like those seen on television or movies, not just weight lifting work is done, but must be combined with artificial elements (for this reason there are doping tests in major competitions).

The human body is not designed to withstand 50 kilos more muscle, therefore, bodybuilding is somewhat artificial, as can be anything (breast implants, for example) is added.

In nature there is no way to get a body like marking only with exercise, and that’s where the controversy begins.

Many athletes use hormones to enlarge their muscles, causing considerable hypertrophy but at stop training or ingest them, cause the loss of what has been achieved.

Something similar happens with diets “miracle” “type and so hated” rebound effect. ”

Side effects of bodybuilding

It is valid to clarify that the problem is not lifting weights and muscles have marked, nor lower the fat in certain body parts through exercise.

Hazards can begin when certain substances are consumed to accelerate the process or more weights than we can stand.

The disadvantages of artificial proteins are:

Overload in the kidneys, which leads to all kinds of renal diseases such as calculations, failure, etc.
Damage to the blood vessels (also caused by imbalances kidney), hypertension and myocardial infractions (possibly death).
Bone decalcification, osteoporosis, brittle, fragile bones.
Dehydration of cells and organs.
sexual impotence, infertility problems.

In regard to the practice of bodybuilding itself, these side effects are highlighted:

– Possibility of injury by not performing the exercises accordingly.
– Muscle fatigue loads increase.
– Herniated disc, spinal problems.
– Bone dislocation, tendinitis, inflammation.


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